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September 10, 2015: Why is DEAC Blogging?

The long story short is that DEAC heard you during its strategic planning process that we kicked off earlier this year. We understand that DEAC members want to connect more frequently on pertinent, important topics with other DEAC institutions and partners. One of our strategies is to better leverage social media and implement a new DEAC blog—The Compass. Virtual interaction is a growing aspect of our everyday lives. As we engage and communicate with one another we strive to be a more purposeful and active part of this movement.

Every day, we are focused on developing new ways to advance our commitment to distance education by establishing high expectations for academic quality while inspiring excellence in teaching, learning, and student outcomes. The Compass blog will establish connections with distance education thought leaders and institutions as one way to implement the strategic initiatives that we introduced at our April 2015 conference: advocacy, leadership, and organizational excellence. In particular, we’ll be using social media in the following ways:

  • Advocacy: Through this channel, we will feature how distance education contributes to the greater social good by highlighting best practices and by sharing guidance on some of the most challenging issues our institutions currently face to support their students and assure the quality of education worldwide.
  • Leadership: Through increased social media presence, we will provide a venue for our most innovative pioneers to share how they are changing what distance education means everyday to help their students achieve their goals. We have an opportunity to connect leaders across the globe to improve the prospects for students every day, starting today.
  • Organizational Excellence: We are working to shift the paradigm through mechanisms that connect with our global stakeholder base, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We are committed to advancing excellence among our institutions and to pushing the envelope every day to advance our strategic initiatives.

As DEAC continues to innovate and revitalize its presence in the social media landscape, our brand of excellence in distance education teaching and learning will continue to grow to support the students of today and tomorrow. We encourage you to engage with a global distance education network that fosters a culture of accountability, quality assurance and continuous improvement. We invite you to follow, friend, connect, and keep reading about us.