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Monthly Archives: September 2015

September 29, 2015: Department of Defense Announces Opportunity to join new SOC Career and Technical Education Resource

DEAC is pleased to welcome a guest to our blog, Dr. Jeffrey Cropsey -Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and External Relations at Grantham University and President of the Council of College and Military Educators. Dr. Matthews recently chatted with Dr. Cropsey about a new opportunity for DEAC institutions.  Here’s a summary: Did you know that […]

September 19, 2015: Five Reasons Data Analytics are Essential to the Future of Distance Education

The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and the analysis of large data sets will become a key basis of productivity, innovation, and growth in the near future.[1] From my vantage point at DEAC, I observe how the use of data analytics is trending upward across higher education and receiving an increasing […]

September 10, 2015: Why is DEAC Blogging?

The long story short is that DEAC heard you during its strategic planning process that we kicked off earlier this year. We understand that DEAC members want to connect more frequently on pertinent, important topics with other DEAC institutions and partners. One of our strategies is to better leverage social media and implement a new […]